OEvent becomes freeware software. Feel free to use it your competitions free of charge.

Version has been released. It mainly contains bug fixes and small enhancements.

Version has been released. Here are new features:
  • Added new field WRE ID for competitors. It will also be imported from
  • OEvent can now be translated. Couple of languages are are now being translated. OEvent downloads new language translations online, so when language if fully translated, you do not need to download new version of OEvent.
  • In the "Edit competitors" dialog you can export grid data as Excel file. Filtering and column selection will be applied when exporting.
  • Couple of bug fixes.

Version has been released. Here are new features:
  • National ID field is now transferred from
  • Couple of bug fixes.

Version 4.3.1 has been released. Here are new features:
  • PDF export for reports
  • PDF export for custom reports
  • PDF export for labels
  • All of the PDF exports are done directly from OEvent and do not require external 3rd party PDF printer driver.
  • In both custom reports and labels there is new box type (old box types are text, data and image) called expression. This allows simple calculations and conditional statements to be performed for boxes in labels/custom reports. This is very usefull for advanced custom reports/labels.
  • Some small bug fixes.

This year OO.cup 2011 used OEvent. It's been pretty good test for what OEvent can do, since OO.cup is large 5 day competition. I did spot small problems, all of which are now fixed and released as version 4.30. Also, I got some feature requests which I implemented. Here's what's new in this release:
  • In results and split times reports you can now show only N competitors. This is useful for printing result lists for prize giving ceremony.
  • You can now have custom reports by clubs. Previously you could only have custom reports by competitors.
  • New report: Can we have prize giving ceremony?
  • In labels design you can add images.
  • Voided legs. In case you had problems with a control, you can void legs where this control has been used.
  • Set readout ID. You can manually set chip readout for competitor. This is usefull when two competitors switched their chips. Now you can switch their readouts easily.
  • When unknown chip is read, you can now assign this chip to a competitor for this stage only or for all following stages.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Other small enhancements.
  • Many small bug fixes.

OEvent 4.12 has been released. List of new features:
  • Live results. OEvent now has built in HTTP server, so that competitors can track live results using their smartphones or computers (laptop, netbook). For tracking results in competition area, you (or competitors) don't need internet connection. If you want live results to be available accross planet, then you do need internet connection.
  • Chip management - you can now add, edit and remove controls for competitors' chip readouts. All this happens in nondestructive way, which means you can always revert to original readout.
  • Improved display of competitor's punches. Now it's easier to check what has been mispucnhed.
  • Support for unsynchronized controls. If time in one or more of your controls is not synchronized, you can mark such controls and split times will not be displayed for those controls.
  • You can now delete split times for competitors.
  • Performance improvements in "Start times organization" dialog.
  • Several bug fixes.

OEvent 4.0 has been released. Version 4 is total rewrite of OEvent. All code has been written from scratch. The most important goal was to enable multiple PCs to connect to OEvent. You can download demo version in the downloads page.