OEvent features

Adaptive user interface
When you create new competition in OEvent, you decide what features you want to use. Then OEvent changes the interface to only show you those features that you actually do use.
Tabbed or MDI interface
OEvent supports tabbed and MDI interface.
If you use tabbed interface all your windows will be aligned in tabs and will occupy whole window size.
With MDI interface your windows will flaot freely inside main window.
Both approaches have their strengths and you can decide which one you prefer.
Different competition types
OEvent currently supports one day and multi day competitions.
As for the courses, you can handle normal events (class based), color coded events (competitors in same class may run different courses) and one man relays (butterflies, etc.).
Supports SportIdent
OEvent currently supports SportIdent electronic punching. EMIT should be supported in next version.
Integration with OrienteeringOnline.net
In case you use OrienteeringOnline.net for you entries it will be super easy for you to get entries into OEvent. No import/export through files of any kind, just couple of clicks in the wiazrd in OEvent, and all your data (including classes, custom fields, payments etc) will be imported to OEvent.
Same way you can "export" (through wizard, not external files) start lists, results and split times into OrienteeringOnline.net from OEvent.

You have to try it to see how much simpler things can be compared to your current workflow.
Custom labels
You can use graphical interface to design your labels. Full print preview will enable you to test the design without having to make test prints.
Custom reports
Beside build in reports (like start lists, results, ...) you can create your own custom reports.
Included in OEvent you get powerfull report designer that support different band types like "first page header", "every page footer", "data" etc.
Of course report designer also comes with full print preview.
Live results
OEvent has built in HTTP server, so that competitors can track live results using their smartphones or computers (laptop, netbook). For tracking results in competition area, you (or competitors) don't need internet connection. If you want live results to be available accross planet, then you do need internet connection.
Firebird as backend database
OEvent uses small and fast open source Firebird database for storing data. Firebird is well know and proven database, that can handle thousands of concurrent connections.
Custom fields
Oevent is probably the only orienteering management software that supports unlimited number of custom fields. There are three types of fields: text field, drop down field and check box field. You can store any additional information about competitors in those fields. With custom fields you handle accomodation, additional parking fees, etc.
Fees and payment
Full support for fees and payments on club and competitor level. Even two types of custom fields may have fees associated with them.
...and much much more....
Of course OEvent supports many other features like start controls used for setting start times, start times organization by mixing classes/courses/first control, different start types (normal, early, late, fixed), start blocks etc...too many to list all here.

Please, go ahead and download it.