Why choose OEvent?
  • Adaptive easy to use interface
  • One day and multi day competitions
  • Custom reports with full print preview
  • Labels with full print preview
  • Uses small and fast open source Firebird database
  • Integration with OrienteeringOnline.net
  • Supports custom fields
  • Full support for fees and payments
  • It's 100% FREE
  • and much more ...

13.07.2018.   Small fixes.

23.5.2016.   OEvent becomes freeware. Read more

5.12.2012.   New version of OEvent has been released. Read more

20.3.2012.   New version of OEvent has been released. Read more

3.11.2011.   New version of OEvent has been released. Read more

8.9.2011.   New version of OEvent has been released. Main new feature is direct PDF export for reports, labels and custom reports. You don't need external PDF printer driver any more to create PDF files. Read more

2.8.2011.   OEvent has been used at OO.cup 2011. It's been a good test for OEvent, since this is 5 day competition with almost 1000 runners this year. I spotted several small problems, which are now solved and released as OEvent 4.30. Also, there have been several enhancements implemented. Read more

11.7.2011.   OEvent 4.12 has been released. Most important new features are HTTP live results and chip management. Read more

31.5.2011.   OEvent 4.0 has been released. Version 4 is total rewrite of OEvent. All code has been written from scratch. The most important goal was to enable multiple PCs to connect to OEvent. You can download demo version in the downloads page.